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Dorky Ducks

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Who we are

DorkyDucks is 5,000 randomly generated and unique pieces of art, living on the Solana blockchain.

Launch details

Public sale: LIVE NOW

Mint Price: 0.1 SOL


Each milestone in our roadmap unlocks as the % of DorkyDucks minted goes up. Additional future developments will be decided and voted upon by the DorkyDucks community as a whole.

  • Create and develop our DorkyDucks collection [COMPLETED]
  • Build our website, start discord, and create our social accounts [COMPLETED]
  • Identify our plan/milestones for rewarding the community [COMPLETED]
  • Create and deploy the Solana smart contract [COMPLETED]
  • Launch the sale of our 5,000 ducks [INITIATED]
  • Grow the community - Ongoing
  • Develop new partnerships and Metaverse opportunities for the ducks - Ongoing
  • Design and create our next NFT collection, with input from the community - Ongoing

We are fully committed to rewarding our early supporters and larger community with prizes, contests, and inclusion in our future. With that, the following milestones have been identified:

  • 0% - Daily and weekly cash/SOL prizes, NFT giveaways, $30k Invite Contest, activity contests, etc. Information/updates, AMAs, sneak peaks, 1/1s reveals, meme competitions, music, topical chat and much more.
  • 10% - 10 NFT ducks will be randomly airdropped to people who minted one or more ducks.
  • 30% - 10 more ducks will be randomly airdropped to people who minted one or more ducks.
  • 40% - Confirm launch of next collection from the same Dorky series.
  • 50% - 30 NFT ducks will be randomly airdropped to people who minted one or more ducks. Merch store will be created and launch for DorkyDucks t-shirts, etc.
  • 60% - Dorky Dao will be created to provide voting power within subjects such as treasury management, roadmap development, which direction you want to see things take etc. You will get 1 vote for each duck you own.
  • 80% - Create a liquidity pool for buying the floor and pushing the DorkyDucks brand forward.
  • 100% - A grant fund of TBD amount will be deposited into the community wallet, where YOU the community can help us design, develop, and create the things you value most - e.g., new artwork, additional utility, upcoming collections, etc. In addition, 1% of secondary market fees (OpenSea) will go into the community grant forever! Wallet address TBA.

Utility and Next Up

DorkyDucks NFTs have utility! All holders will be able to mint 1 NFT from our next collection (TBA)... for FREE. (All you pay is gas.) This collection will be available to mint 4-8 weeks after the DorkyDucks public launch.


In the future, we will be allowing holders to import their DorkyDucks as skins into virtual worlds and existing video games. We are working hard to make this happen, and with help from the community. WAGMI. 🚀


Creator of Ducks
Zac Harding#7454
Social and Community

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